Complete and flexible blogging platform for ProcessWire

Blog Building Blocks


The Blog module offers a lot of flexibility. Think of it as building blocks for developing a blog just the way you want it. The module outputs only what you want and how you want it. As previously mentioned, the CSS it ships with are only part of the demo. In effect, the module consists of various parts that when put together will output a functional and highly customisable Blog. How you design the look and feel of your Blog is up to you, of course.

A note about Blog Widgets

In addition to the five widgets that come with the module (Blog Roll, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Recent Tweets and Post Author), other parts (think of these as partials) of the module include Comments, Comment Forms, Posts, Tags, Categories, Archives, Navigation and Authors. All these are separate pieces (hence the modularity) that you can output if and when you wish and how you wish (see example images below). Coupled with the powerful ProcessWire API, you can make your Blog sing and dance just they way you like.