Complete and flexible blogging platform for ProcessWire

Installing Blog Part 1



The ZIP file that the module comes in can be uploaded directly to your admin in Modules > New > Upload. If your modules file system is not writable, you can also install Blog this way:

  1. ProcessBlog
  2. MarkupBlog
  3. BlogPublishDate

There will also be a couple of files in there needed by Blog.

Following installation, you will need to set up your non-Superusers to be able to view the Blog manager and create posts.

Install via ProcessWire modules' screen. Once installed, there's two steps involved to finalise the install:

Configure Blog settings in its module's configuration screen

Here you will have to choose one style from 4 Blog styles to match the Blog URL structure you want:

  1. Blog style 1: /mysite/blog/posts/example-post/
  2. Blog style 2: /mysite/blog/example-post/
  3. Blog style 3: /mysite/posts/example-post/
  4. Blog style 4: /mysite/example-post/

On this screen, you also select: