Complete and flexible blogging platform for ProcessWire

Installing Blog Part 2

Install Blog Templates, Pages, Fields, Role and optionally Template Files

In this second step of your Blog installation, via the Blog dashboard (admin/blog/), you will see an overview of the settings you selected in the first part of your installation. Here you install Blog's components.

Before you click the button to run the install wizard, nothing will happen yet. You can still go back and change the module configuration settings. Until you run the install wizard in this second step, you will have no Blog Pages, Fields, Templates, etc.


If you need to change any configuration, you can go back to the module settings and do it BEFORE you finalise step two of the installation. It is important that once the installation is finalised, in case you had left the ProcessBlog's module configuration's browser window open, NOT to press submit again. Otherwise, Blog in the front-end (MarkupBlog) may not function as expected. However, if you reload the module configurations screen once the second part of the installer has finished, you will not be able to change the configuration settings (with the above noted exception). Instead, you will be presented with an overview of your installed settings.